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The .SCHOLAR domain zone stands out as a unique and expressive area in the virtual space, oriented towards educational resources and activities. This domain zone introduces a digital classroom for educational institutions, research projects, and individual initiatives.

History and purpose

The emergence of the .SCHOLAR domain is linked to the growing need for creating a distinct space for educational resources on the internet. The expansion of the internet as a global educational resource prompted organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to establish a specific node where education takes center stage.

Application in sectors and industries

The .SCHOLAR domain is ideal for educational institutions, research centers, online courses, and platforms, as well as individual initiatives focused on knowledge exchange. This zone is actively used in the academic community and serves as a catalyst for virtual spaces where learning and education are paramount.

Target audience and registration

The primary audience registering domains in the .SCHOLAR zone includes educational institutions, educators, researchers, and companies specializing in the field of education. To register, compliance with specific criteria, such as educational activities or plans in this area, is required.

Registration process

To register in the .SCHOLAR zone, documents confirming educational status and usage intentions for the domain must be provided. The registration process involves careful consideration of requests, aiming to create a high-quality educational space.

Similar domain zones

  • .EDU: The official domain zone for educational institutions in the United States.
  • .ACADEMY: A global zone focused on educational and training resources.
  • .COURSES: A domain concentrating on providing online courses and educational programs.


The .SCHOLAR domain provides a unique opportunity to establish an educational presence on the internet, supporting diverse initiatives in the field of education. The commitment to knowledge and information exchange makes this domain zone a key asset for anyone valuing and advancing education in the virtual world.

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