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Domain .HIRE

The .HIRE domain zone is a space on the internet reserved for websites dedicated to domains, focusing on employment, hiring, and related topics. Its emergence is attributed to the rapid development of online recruiting and the increasing influence of digital technologies in the field of personnel recruitment.

History and evolution

The .HIRE domain zone was introduced as part of the ICANN domain expansion program in 2014. Its implementation is associated with the need to create a unique identifier for online resources in recruitment and careers. Over the years, .HIRE has become an integral part of the online space for companies, organizations, and professionals aiming for high-quality hiring and employment.

Areas of application

The .HIRE domain is intended for websites dedicated to employment, recruiting, staff training, and related areas. This zone is actively used by companies engaged in personnel search, career consultants, and platforms for job vacancies.

Registration and registrants

Domain registration in the .HIRE zone is open to a wide range of users without any geographical restrictions. The registration process is similar to other domain zones, requiring applicants to provide contact information and choose a unique domain name.

Advantages and features

One of the key advantages of .HIRE is its focus on a specific theme, facilitating the search for relevant resources in the field of employment. Additional benefits include the uniqueness and memorability of domain names, contributing to effective branding for recruiting agencies and HR platforms.

Statistics and facts

As of the latest data, the .HIRE zone provides more than 10 thousand registered domain names, highlighting its growing popularity among professionals in the field of employment.

Similar domain zones

For those considering .HIRE, domain zones such as .JOBS.CAREERS, and .EMPLOYMENT may also be of interest, providing similar opportunities for online presence in the field of personnel recruitment and employment.


The .HIRE domain is not just an address on the network but a key tool for those looking to stand out in the field of employment and recruiting. Its thematic focus makes .HIRE an effective choice for those aiming for success in this dynamic area of online business.

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