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Domain .COM.TR

The .COM.TR domain zone is a specific extension for domain names associated with Turkey. This zone is designed for use in commercial and business contexts, making it an attractive choice for enterprises, companies, and organizations seeking to establish an online presence in Turkey.

History and management

.COM.TR is a top-level domain (TLD) managed by a non-profit organization called NIC.TR. NIC.TR (Network Information Center - Turkey) is responsible for the registration and management of domains in the .COM.TR zone, playing a crucial role in ensuring the stability and reliability of the domain infrastructure in Turkey.

Registration requirements

Registering domains in the .COM.TR zone typically requires meeting specific requirements. For individuals, providing a copy of a personal document is usually necessary, while legal entities need to submit company registration documents. These measures are aimed at ensuring the accuracy of the domain owner's information.

Advantages of using .COM.TR

Attractiveness for local businesses

.COM.TR is an attractive choice for local businesses and companies, as it is directly associated with Turkey, strengthening the local brand.

Trust and professionalism

Using .COM.TR can enhance the perception of professionalism and trust among the Turkish audience, as the domain is associated with local competence.

Localization for SEO

For those targeting the Turkish market, using .COM.TR can facilitate localization efforts and improve search engine rankings in the country.

Support from NIC.TR

Registration and management of .COM.TR are facilitated through NIC.TR, providing domain owners with an additional level of support and security.

Technical features

Technical aspects of .COM.TR are similar to other top-level domains. It supports the use of various characters and has a length limit of up to 63 characters. .COM.TR domains can be registered for both short, memorable names and longer phrases.


.COM.TR represents an appealing solution for those looking to establish a virtual presence in Turkey. Associated with commercial activity, this domain suffix emphasizes the official and professional nature of web resources, making it an excellent choice for a variety of business projects.

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