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Domain .SE

The .SE domain zone is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) representing Sweden. It serves as a crucial component of Sweden's internet infrastructure, offering unique online identifiers for a diverse range of organizations, businesses, and individuals.

History and Management

The .SE domain was introduced in 1986 and has since become a key element of Sweden's online presence. The domain is managed by the Swedish Internet Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for the registration and administration of .SE domains.

Registration Requirements

Registration for .SE domains is open to a wide range of users, including individuals and organizations, both within and outside of Sweden. The registration process is relatively straightforward, requiring compliance with certain basic rules and requirements. For legal entities, having a legal address or branch in Sweden is essential.

Available Domains

The .SE domain offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for creating unique identifiers. Users can choose from various categories, including general domains, brands, local communities, and more. This allows for the creation of diverse and easily understandable internet addresses tailored to different needs and purposes.

Technical Specifications

Domains in the .SE zone can be used for various purposes, including the creation of websites, mail servers, and other online resources. The technical parameters of such domains adhere to commonly accepted standards for top-level domains.

Policy and Security

The Swedish Internet Foundation actively participates in maintaining internet security and ensuring the stable operation of .SE domains. The organization regularly updates policies and rules for domain usage to align with changing requirements and technological standards. This includes measures to combat spam and other online threats.

Support and Maintenance

The Swedish Internet Foundation provides extensive support to users registering domains in the .SE zone. This includes guidance on the registration process, technical support, and assistance with domain management issues.


The .SE domain zone is a vital element of Sweden's internet infrastructure, providing unique identifiers for users within the country and globally. Managed by a non-profit organization, it offers a reliable infrastructure for various online projects, reflecting technical expertise and openness to the global community.

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