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Domain .NET.AU

The .NET.AU domain zone is one of the top-level domains (TLDs) designed for the registration of domain names within the territory of Australia. This domain is popular among organizations, companies, and individuals looking to establish their online presence with a connection to the Australian market. Let's delve into the specifics and registration rules for domain names in the .NET.AU domain zone.

History and Purpose of .NET.AU

The .NET.AU domain zone was introduced for initial registration in 1995 and has since served to identify web resources associated with the Australian territory. Its primary goal is to provide organizations and individuals the opportunity to create domain names that reflect their connection to the Australian market and interests.

Registration in the .NET.AU Domain Zone

To register a domain name in the .NET.AU zone, several common rules characterize this process:

  1. Eligibility. Domain owners in the .NET.AU zone must meet certain requirements to confirm their eligibility. Typically, this involves having a registered company, business registration, or other official ties to Australia.
  2. Length and Character Restrictions. A domain name in the .NET.AU zone can contain from 2 to 63 characters and can use Latin alphabet letters, numbers, and hyphens. However, hyphens cannot be the first or last characters.
  3. Second-Level Domain Rules. In the .NET.AU domain zone, a second-level domain name (e.g., requires compliance with specific rules. Owners must confirm their eligibility and compliance with these rules before registration.
  4. Registrars. The registration of .NET.AU domain names can be accomplished through accredited registrars who act as intermediaries between end users and the Australian domain registrar (auDA).
  5. Renewal and Maintenance. To maintain rights to a domain name in the .NET.AU zone, owners must regularly renew the registration. Otherwise, the domain name may become available for others to register.

Features of .NET.AU

The .NET.AU domain zone has several features to consider when registering and using domain names:

  1. Geographic Association. Domain names in the .NET.AU zone are often used to create web resources with Australian themes. This may include companies, organizations, and projects targeting an Australian audience.
  2. Professional Image. Businesses and organizations often choose the .NET.AU zone to lend a professional and trustworthy character to their online projects. Domains in this zone are often associated with reliability and Australian activity.
  3. Working with Registrars. For registration and management of .NET.AU domains, owners usually interact with accredited registrars. These registrars provide registration and domain management services and facilitate communication with auDA.

The .NET.AU domain zone offers the opportunity to create domain names associated with the Australian territory and is a popular choice for Australian companies, organizations, and individuals. Adhering to registration and eligibility rules is essential for a successful registration in this zone.

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